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There two primary reasons Nonprofit Advertising leads the field: Free advertising services and we serve only nonprofit organizations.

The enduring and strong leadership position Nonprofit Advertising has over competitors stems first from providing free advertising services. At Nonprofit Advertising, we when we launched 15 years ago to not charge nonprofits for services that other ad agencies charge lots of money for. We are compensated by the publications and online job boards where we place the job listings, not by the nonprofit organizations we place the ads for. For our clients, this saves them large amounts of time, money, and resources because our expert advertising team handles all of their nonprofit’s advertising work, for no charge.

Secondly, we focus ONLY on the recruitment needs of nonprofits. This is very different from other ad agencies that spread themselves too thin by trying to “be all things to all industries”. With Nonprofit Advertising, our clients know they will always be our first priority. We will not be distracted or overextended by doing countless hours of outside work in other industries that have nothing to do with the nonprofit world.

If your nonprofit organization is recruiting and hiring right now, contact us today to experience the Nonprofit Advertising difference. You will save time, money, and resources while having ad campaigns that attract the very best nonprofit professionals to work at your nonprofit organization.

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