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"Refreshingly Honest, A Welcomed Change."

Are you aware that most ad agencies burden you with hidden charges and extra fees? It’s an unfortunate and ongoing practice that can drain your budget and leave you wondering where all the charges came from.

Nonprofit Advertising is different. When we place your ads, we receive a standard commission paid by the publishers - not by our clients. So we are able to give you all the benefits of our comprehensive advertising agency - for FREE.

Over the years, HR directors at colleges and universities of all sizes have thanked us for our approach, saluted our process, and called us “refreshingly honest” and a “welcomed change.” Contact our friendly team today for a free quote and to learn about our free ad placement services.

Compare Us to the Competition

Want to know if your current ad agency is hitting you with hidden charges or extra fees? Email us an ad to place for you, and we will send back our quote so you can see the difference. You’ll be able to make an informed, side-by-side comparison. We can also point out specific things they may be secretly doing to pile on hidden charges or extra fees that drain your advertising budget.

Our Specialized Focus = Better Service and Results for You

Most ad agencies try to be “all things to all industries.” Unfortunately, this stretches their staffs too thin and weakens their performance because they are burdened by serving all kinds of industries that have nothing to with higher education. Nonprofit Advertising is different. We are passionate about academia, and committed to serving only colleges and universities. With us, you will always work with an experienced, true recruitment advertising expert who understands your nonprofit’s unique recruiting goals and hiring needs.

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Since 2004, we have placed ads for FREE on thousands of recruitment platforms, including:

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