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Nonprofit Advertising is a recognized leader in print advertising.

We work with and monitor thousands of print publications to ensure that our clients get the best hiring results.

Whether you want to advertise in a national academic publication like the Chronicle of Philanthropy or a local newspaper, or small journal about nonprofits, we can place your job ads anywhere you want them to be. Best of all, we will handle all aspects of the print advertising from start to finish for you, for FREE.

For no charge to your nonprofit, we monitor deadlines, we work with publications to get you the best pricing, we place your jobs everywhere you want to advertise, and we’ll also recommend additional print publications to help you make good hires.

Our promise with all print advertising we do for you: We will save you time, money, and resources while helping you reach the very job best candidates.

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We Can Place Your Print Ads Anywhere, for FREE:

When it comes to print advertising, our mission is to make your recruiting and hiring life easier than ever. Many print publications are still a powerful and effective way to reach job seekers. No ad agency understands and promotes print advertising better than Nonprofit Advertising.

When you advertise through Nonprofit Advertising, you can rest assured knowing that your print recruitment ads will turn out looking great, and will have a successful response rate. We will successfully handle every aspect of your print advertising from start to finish.

All you have to do is contact us and let us know what jobs you want to advertise, and our friendly team of print advertising experts will take it from there.

To see deadlines for commonly used print publications, please scroll down this page.


We Can Track
the Success of
Your Print Ads!

Using our proprietary tracking technology,, we can track and record the success of every print ad we place for you. This ensures that your print advertising decisions will be data driven, and based on credible analytics. You’ll always know exactly how many job seekers viewed your ad.

We Keep Track
of Deadlines, So
You Don’t Have To!

At Nonprofit Advertising, we track and monitor the ad deadlines for hundreds of print publications every day, so you don’t have to. We keep you notified of when important deadlines are approaching, and then help get your recruitment ads placed quickly and easily - for FREE.

Print Advertising Deadlines

Nonprofit Advertising is academia’s recognized leader in providing FREE ad placement services in EVERY TYPE OF MEDIA, including trade journals, magazines, newspapers, and job boards online. As a courtesy, we have compiled the helpful list below. It shows publication deadlines for some of academia’s leading print publications:

October 5 September 25
October 12 October 2
October 19 October 9
October 26 October 16
November 2 October 23
November 9 October 30
November 16 November 6
November 23 November 13
November 30 November 19
December 7 November 27
December 14 December 4
December 21 December 11
October 4 September 13
October 18 September 27
November 1 October 11
November 15 October 25
November 29 November 8
December 13 November 21
October 5 September 14
October 12 September 21
October 19 September 28
October 26 October 9
November 2 October 12
November 9 October 19
November 16 October 26
November 23 November 2
November 30 November 9
December 7 November 16
December 14 November 21
December 21 November 30
October 4 September 19
October 18 October 3
October 25 October 10
November 1 October 17
November 8 October 26
November 15 October 31
November 22 November 7
November 29 November 14
December 6 November 21
December 13 November 28
December 20 December 5
October 1 September 17
October 8 September 24
October 15 October 1
October 22 October 8
October 29 October 15
November 5 October 22
November 12 October 29
November 19 November 5
November 26 November 12
December 3 November 19
December 10 October 26
October 1 September 14
November 1 October 14
December 1 October 14
January December 15, 2017
February February 2
March February 23
April March 23
May April 20
June May 25
July June 22
August July 20
September August 24
October September 21
November October 19
December November 23

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