Our Job Mirror Helps You
Recruit, Relax, and Rejoice!

Nonprofit Advertising’s proprietary technology, called JobMirror, automatically keeps all of your job postings current every day.

Several times a day, JobMirror imports all job listings from your nonprofit’s website into our Ad Management System to automatically identify new listings, deleted listings, and/or edits to existing listings. After each import, our team of Ad Reps manually checks each listing for accuracy and quality control. Next, the updated job listings are immediately and automatically released by our JobMirror system to all job boards where our clients want them placed.

JobMirror is totally FREE, and works with all client websites. It saves clients considerable amounts of money because they no longer have to pay fees charged by most job boards to set up a scraping/sweeping service. Also, with our FREE JobMirror, clients avoid being charged fees by ATS company for customizing software to work with external sites.

JobMirror makes recruiting easy, and it requires no technological help from your ATS staff or a nonprofit’s IT team to setup. With JobMirror doing all the posting work, our clients truly can recruit, relax, and rejoice!

Ready to see JobMirror in action? Call us today at 800-618-6882 and our friendly team of Ad Reps will handle everything from there.

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