We Can Place Your Ads Anywhere - for FREE.

Whether you need to place an ad in the local newspaper, in a major trade journal, or on any job board, Nonprofit Advertising can handle all the work for you - for FREE.

Most ad agencies charge their clients hidden and extra fees. This can drain your advertising budget and limit the number of places where you can advertise.

Nonprofit Advertising is different. We handle the tedious and time-consuming task of placing of ads - for FREE. With Nonprofit Advertising, you receive all the benefits of a full-service ad agency without hidden charges and fees other agencies.

Our business model is different because we don’t charge our clients for our services. We receive the standard agency commission from the publisher, so we are paid by the places where we place the ads, not by our clients.

Most agencies mark up the cost of each ad from 5-25%. We don’t. And because we do such high volume, we are profitable without needing to add hidden fees and charges.

Email us your job or jobs to advertise to see our team in action, and to experience the Nonprofit Advertising difference.

We are looking forward to helping you recruit the best talent to work at your nonprofit.

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